USA Roadtrip

Summer Road Trip Food Festivals

The United States is no longer an agricultural nation, but you wouldn’t know it from the way we like to celebrate produce. From sea to shining sea during the summer, we’re awash in festivals celebrating the harvest of the land. Garlic, watermelon, lentils, cherries, even the world’s biggest mushroom. If you can grow […]

Planning Your Road Trip Vacation

Summer road trips are a glorious part of American culture. They’re celebrated in books, songs and movies. OK, forget that last one. “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Sideways” are road trip flicks, but they shouldn’t dissuade you from heading for the highway this summer with family and friends. To survive (even […]

Legendary Drives in the States

This excerpt is taken from Lonely Planets USA guide. The travel article can be found on here on Lonely Planet’s website. Pictures from Caldwell Travel’s own Kate Godfrey and her 3 month USA Road trip during Summer of 2009. With over four million miles of highway, the USA offers more […]