Planning Your Road Trip Vacation

Road TripSummer road trips are a glorious part of American culture. They’re celebrated in books, songs and movies.

OK, forget that last one. “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Sideways” are road trip flicks, but they shouldn’t dissuade you from heading for the highway this summer with family and friends.

To survive (even enjoy!) a summer jaunt, first do some planning and know your road-tripping style. This applies whether you are traveling with family members, friends or your sweetheart.

RoadtripDo you:
a) Move a well-packed car from Point A to Point B, with minimum road time and maximum destination time?
b) Choose a final destination then embrace a serendipitous journey, with summer festivals, impromptu picnics and unlimited road time along the way?

Remember that a road trip is different from vacations via airplane: Traveling to your destination is part of your vacation. In the summer, especially, there’s a good opportunity to … see different roadside locations, take detours, take scenic routes.

Roadtrip VacationIf you’re adventurous and head off a main route for side trips or to wander country roads, make sure you have a good map, GPS or app on your phone just in case you get lost, she says.

Caldwell Travel will handle the plans and details of your road trip vacation. Let’s hold a “where to go” discussion to find out likes and dislikes of your fellow vacation goers. Then let our vacation planners work out the framework and details (lodging, timing, finances, etc.) so that you can just simply ENJOY YOUR VACATION!