Honeymoon Travel Agents

A recent article on TheKnot.com about utilizing a travel agent when booking your honeymoon:

Question from reader: My fiance and I know we want to honeymoon in the South of France, but that’s about the extent of our honeymoon plans — we’re both so busy that neither of us has had time to really research the honeymoon trip. We’ve been working with a wedding coordinator, and she’s made all of that wedding planning pretty painless. Should we look to a pro for our honeymoon too? What are the advantages to booking our trip through a travel agent?

Answer from TheKnot.com: It sounds like in your case, working with an agent would be a huge plus, and there are benefits for even the most travel-savvy. Whether you’ve had time to draw up elaborate plans or just know where you want to go, like working with a bridal consultant, a travel agent can offer you many perks. In addition to doing all of your booking (for accommodations, transportation, and anything else you’ll need in advance), you will also benefit from the agent’s globetrotting expertise and access to insider discounts. In many cases, agents can obtain better deals for you than even the most discounted travel websites, and in some cases, your agent will be able to get you package deals.