Middle East

Professional Service and Expert Knowledge

Our travel consultants love to travel, have knowledge of a variety of destinations and are able to provide personalized services to you. Training, research, seminars and site inspections keep their knowledge current in an ever-changing world. We know how important it is to work with a professional that has the […]

Americans Choose Italy as Top Vacation Destination Outside U.S.

It’s a fantasy everyone has—if money was no object, think of the one place you would want to go on vacation. Some might choose a historic location, for others, a far-away beach getaway or maybe a romantic second honeymoon. A recent poll shows where Americans would go if they could […]

Wonderful Trip to Jordan

Just returned from my second trip to Jordan. This time with my mom, Saju and some other friends. Jordan was amazing even for the second time and Petra was just unbelievable. The Dead Sea was also quite an experience and some of the hikes were a lot of fun. The […]