Americans Choose Italy as Top Vacation Destination Outside U.S.

It’s a fantasy everyone has—if money was no object, think of the one place you would want to go on vacation. Some might choose a historic location, for others, a far-away beach getaway or maybe a romantic second honeymoon.

A recent poll shows where Americans would go if they could vacation in any country in the world, outside the U.S. without any worry about the cost.

Gondola - Venice, ItalyItaly would be the number one country, up from number 2 on the list last year.

Australia drops from number 1 to number 2 this year; only the second time since 1997 it has left the top spot.

Ireland takes the #3 spot, up from 5th place last year.

Great Britain drops one spot to 4th place.

France came in 5th place, a drop of one spot from last year.

Greece and Germany tie for 6th place.

Japan is number 8 (down from number 7);

Spain moves into number 9, up one spot

New Zealand moves down one spot to number 10.

#11 – Isreal, #12 – Canada, #13 – Mexico,
#14 – Netherlands, #15 – Switerzerland

The poll also shows that men and women have different favorites. For men, Australia is number one, while for women, Italy takes the top spot.

Rome, ItalyThere are also differences by generation. Echo Boomers (those 18-33) and Baby Boomers (those 46-64) choose Italy as their top vacation destination. However, for Gen Xers (those 34-45) and Matures (those 65 and older), Australia is number one.

It is also possible to look at the top countries chosen by geographic region. By region, almost half of Americans (49%) choose a country in Europe, while one-quarter (24%) choose a destination in Asia or the Pacific region. Just over one in ten U.S. adults (11%) pick a country in the Americas or the Caribbean, while 4% choose a country in Africa and 3% choose one in the Middle East. There is also a small percentage of people (7%) who wouldn’t go anywhere outside the U.S., more than last year (4%).

Results are from The Harris Poll of 2,227 adults surveyed online between June 14 and 21, 2010 by Harris Interactive.

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