African Safari

Jambo (Hello) in Swahili. In November of 2008, Mary Caldwell took her husband Paul on an African Safari to celebrate his birthday. He always wanted to go on a safari and Mary used his birthday as the perfect excuse.

Kenya and Tanzania are two of the best places for animal viewing. Mary booked a tour with Micato Safaris which has been named “Best in Travel” for several years.
ElephantGiraffe siting on African SafariRhino on Safari Zebra Upclose on Safari
They flew into Nairobi. Then caught a plane to Samburu Game Reserve where they stayed at the Elephant bedroom camp. It is truly an elephant camp. They had an elephant visit during the night. The elephant was on his way to the river and went between the tents. Quite scary for them at the time; but amusing to recall now.
Elephant CampElephant to the River
Mary enjoyed the peace and having no electricity at night. There was just a fire and time spent listening to stories from the natives. Mary loved waking up in the morning and having breakfast outside by the river. There were monkeys in the trees and an overall serenity, she recalls.

They flew on a charter flight to Laikipia and landed in a private dirt airstrip. The wildlife at the Laikipia Plateau was amazing. Mary’s favorite experience was looking out at the stunning destination with amazing wildlife.
Mary Enjoying The View
She also enjoyed viewing dikdik, giraffe, zebra, leopard, elephants, antelope, and wild dog. The plateau is the home of the Laikipiak Masai and Samburu tribes, and Mary was able to visit with them.

Giraffe Siting in AfricaLaikipiak MasaiLaikipiak MasaiAfrican Safari

Paul’s favorite experience was a private helicopter ride over the savanna. Mary & her husband also experienced a camel safari, a horse safari, and day trips into the bush. They took a hot air balloon ride. Mary’s response to the hot air balloon experience: “We could live there! Riding over the bush. Starting before sunrise and seeing the spectacular sunrise while in the air. It was one of my favorite memories.”

Elephant Train

The Loisaba wilderness lodge (mind, body and soul experience) at Laikipia was unbelievable with breathtaking views from huge verandas high on a cliff. Another great experience was the star beds. Open air huts high on stilts with only one wall. The beds are rolled out at night and you sleep under the stars. African Safari

The next stop on the Caldwell Safari Adventure was Masai Mar National Reserve extension of the Serengeti with large population of lions, hippos, rhinos and crocodiles. Mary and Paul had amazing sights of lion dens with lion cubs. When asked about her trip, Mary said, “I can talk forever; nothing prepares you for the experience.” Asante sana (Thank you so much)